November 2, 2008


Not only is this my first x0xb0x track, it's the first full piece of "music" I've composed. Evar.

The main sound is a x0xb0x connected to a Zoom 506 bass guitar effects pedal with some pretty wild settings. The x0x provided MIDI sync to ReBirth, a software synthesizer for Windows which donated a second 303 to the track as well as authentic 808 and 909 drum machine sounds. ReBirth performs admirably on Linux with the help of Wine, even the MIDI stuff.

This was recorded "live" in a single go, although there was some rehearsal. (And obviously the patterns were not programmed on the fly.) It's also kinda noisy since I've yet to perfect the art of recording things from the audio-in of a sound card. The drum machine effects themselves are known to be cheesy (808 cowbell!) since I was just trying to get something that sounded somewhat catchy without getting bogged down in minutiae. Overall, I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

Here are links to it in two formats: OGG and MP3. The OGG one sounds better but you might only have an MP3 player handy.

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