March 10, 2009

kick-ass song time

I'm an avid fan of music. Electronic music in particular, with only a few exceptions. I try to keep only freely-redistributable muzak in my playlists. Not only is it more affordable, but I believe music turns out better when the person composing it is doing so out of passion rather than profit. Nowhere is this more true than in the demoscene, where geekery intersects artistry.

One song I've been grooving to lately is Ride the Lightning by keith303. His website seems to be down as I post this, but check out his artist pages on Virb and He's German! Always a plus in my book. Ride the Lightning is a demo song that comes with Renoise, the most ass-kicking-est mashup between an old-school tracker and modern digital audio workstation that you'll ever see this decade.

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Artificial said...

Tracker music and especially that from the scene can be amazing. I'm a long time demo fan and I love seeing (and hearing) what driven and talented people can achieve by putting their mind to something. Greetings from Slashdot.